Kickstarter soft launch: The Way of the Tiger gamebooks, new collector’s edition

August 1, 2013

The Way of the Tiger main series

If you read my blog, you probably know I work for Megara Entertainment. You can read on the other pages here (About, et cetera) that we take classic gamebooks and adapt them to new media. We also successfully launched our own gamebook via Kickstarter, Arcana Agency: The Thief of Memories, where I managed the campaign and edited the book itself.

The time has come to rally to the Recettear-ian cry of “capitalism, ho!” and post directly on this blog about my work for pay, because today marks the “soft launch” of our next Kickstarter project coming in October: the new collector’s edition and expansion of The Way of the Tiger.

See this link:

With the permission of the rights holders, Fabled Lands LLP, we can also give away a demo of nearly half of the first book. (full quality) (smaller file)

The preview page and the demo file explain what they are fairly well, and there’s no sense in me gushing like I’m doing an infomercial on my own personal blog, so I will leave it at that.

I’ll comment, instead, on “what it all means.” Kickstarter projects are a tricky little thing and I learned a number of lessons after doing the last one: see details here. Or, to be more accurate, I hardly learned a single thing because almost everything in that “lessons learned” post is observed by everyone else running a successful Kickstarter project: you must treat it as a social media event instead of a storefront; you must understand backer psychology and create a community; and you must be prepared for Kickstarter to consume your life.

This time we’re doing it correctly and attending to the community and word-of-mouth well in advance of the launch date. This is likely the best and most important project I’ve had the honor of, well, editing, and it deserves the best shot it can get. The artwork alone is worth the price of admission: you can see the covers of the six main books at the top of this post. Then there’s what the classic series itself meant to a generation of gamers and writers: over on the Fabled Lands blog, Dave Morris will be running a series of guest posts on the history and legacy of The Way of the Tiger up to the launch. I will copy my own post here when we get to that point.

Meanwhile, if you’re reading this, you might download the demo and enjoy a taste of

intense action in a world of strange fantasy, where ninja dwell in the darkness and sorcerers unleash powers beyond comprehension.

(Yes, I wrote that copy.) And, because it’s free, give it to everyone you know.

Hey, I had to advertize somehow.

So that is a look into what I am doing these days and how my “life” shall be “consumed” come October, not to mention the editing demands thereafter. I hope it is of interest.


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