The Way of the Tiger gamebooks now on Kickstarter

October 1, 2013

The Way of the Tiger Kickstarter project image

As I wrote twice already, I’m working as a writer, editor, and game designer with Megara Entertainment, and we are involved in a Kickstarter project for the gamebook series The Way of the Tiger. October was the announced time for the project, and October has come.

And the project has succeeded:

Yes, that’s right. In our first few days we have reached our funding goal, guaranteeing we can print the new series with edits from me, graphics from the art team, and two entire new books from the writers (including the original authors). We are now into “stretch goals,” which is Kickstarter parlance for “give us more money and we’ll do something with it.”

This is a remarkable turn of events, though it means minimal reduction in the “consumption” of my “life,” as of course we have 30 days to find more people interested in this sort of fantasy ninja adventure. And then it means months of work on my part to edit all of eight books, which should explain why creative posts on this blog will be a bit more sparse for awhile.

The pattern of backers so far is very interesting and worthy of its own discussion, which may come sometime that people are not actively using the lessons therein to keep momentum on the project. I would encourage any and all readers to visit the page and see what we’re doing. For the uninitiated, I’ll just copy my blurb for The Way of the Tiger:

This project is the revival of a classic series of six books published in the 1980’s by Mark Smith and Jamie Thomson. These “Choose Your Own Adventure”-style games put the reader in control of a ninja, Avenger, in a world of weird fantasy. The books present a detailed combat system based on martial arts moves, and a rich story with mythic ambience (and beasts) derived from Japanese, Nordic, and Eastern European cultures. With the involvement of the authors, not only does Megara Entertainment plan to bring it back (the Kickstarter edition would be the first reprinting after almost 30 years), but also to expand it beyond the original six books. Interested readers and gamers can pledge to the Kickstarter through October.

. . . And in conclusion, direct the audience to the above Kickstarter link for more.


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