Kickstarter soft launch: Lone Wolf – The Board Game

September 18, 2014

Lone Wolf box cover

Once again have we reached that special time of year, the time I rally to the Recettear-ian cry of “capitalism, ho!” and post directly on this blog about my work for pay. If you’re a reader, you’ve surely encountered my work for Megara Entertainment. We’ve done Kickstarter projects for our original gamebook Arcana Agency: The Thief of Memories and the eight-gamebook revival-and-expansion of The Way of the Tiger, where for both of which I managed the campaign and edited the text. My local website pages (About, et cetera) explain we are on a general gamebook theme, which is fine by me since I love the written word.

Yesterday marked the “soft launch” of our next Kickstarter project, coming in November: an adaptation of a classic gamebook to a new format, Lone Wolf – The Board Game.

See this link:

As I wrote over there,

you are Lone Wolf, the last of the Kai Lords. Or perhaps you are Prince Pelathar, heir to the throne of Sommerlund. Or maybe you are the infamous Giak warrior Kootak, sent by the Darklords to raze the land. Now you can be all of these . . . on your tabletop.

I hope you appreciate the advertisement.

The preview page explains the project fairly well, and there’s no sense in me gushing like I’m doing an infomercial on my own personal blog, so I will leave it at that.

I’ll comment, instead, on “what it all means.” I’ve posted multiple times now about the lessons learned from running these: here’s one and then here’s another (with a copy on this self-same blog here). To be more accurate, half the content of those posts is longstanding knowledge held by anyone in advertizing in general or Kickstarter in specific. The rest is surprised observations about the power of backer perception: I knew it was important, but who knew it was several-hundred-dollars-per-person important on a website where the most common pledge is $25?

Well, this time we’re trying to run a campaign using those same principles of community and word-of-mouth well in advance of the launch date, and hopefully there will be interest in our less-expensive items. Just like last time, the artwork alone is worth most any price: that box cover at the top of this post is just one example of the brilliance of the creator and illustrator, Gary Chalk. I’m thrilled to be able to work in such a great game world and with such creative people.

I’m also thrilled about the other part of “what it all means”: a project with a more discrete ending. Another lesson I learned from The Way of the Tiger is that, yes, eight books will take you nearly a year to edit. For Lone Wolf, I will be editing the rulebook and helping further with development as needed.

Of course, Kickstarter will attempt to consume my life during the month of November. Therefore, just as with that last warning I gave a year ago, this is formal notice about how my “life” shall be “consumed” come that time. I hope such gaming news is of interest.


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