Lone Wolf – The Board Game now on Kickstarter

November 5, 2014

Lone Wolf - The Board Game Kickstarter project image

Readers should be familiar with the routine. I announced recently that I and my associates in Megara Entertainment are deep in the guts of yet another Kickstarter project, this time the adaptation of the classic gamebook series Lone Wolf to a board game version. There was a little twist: this wasn’t an adaptation we were going to make. In fact, no one was going to make it in the future tense: the designer and artist had already created it 30 years ago when the gamebook series was still new.

As such, I wasn’t to be much of a writer or game designer this time around (at least in name), and instead editor and “Kickstarter manager.” I can tell you, “editing” and “managing” this Kickstarter page has meant a lot of writing and design. And image manipulation.

But at long last the project went live today:


It’s ploughing full speed ahead. And I have even more permission than usual to spell the word “ploughing” given how the Lone Wolf series was responsible for most of my love of British spelling in the first place. For those who still don’t know the subject matter, I’ll copy my blurb:

Now on Kickstarter: the first tabletop wargame/board game to be based on the classic gamebook series from the 1980’s. Lone Wolf is the story of the last of the Kai Lords, warrior monks who defend the land of Sommerlund against the Darklords and their minions. It is designed wholly by Gary Chalk, illustrator of Redwall, HeroQuest, and many other beloved worlds. Gary has 40 years of experience in wargaming, and backers will be pleased by how quickly it plays while still being a detailed simulation of the game world. Interested readers can see for themselves with a FREE downloadable print-and-play scenario and the beta rulebook, and can back the project through December 5.

There was a massive overhaul in response to soft launch feedback, and of course I personally care about the project anyway, so I would encourage any and all readers to visit the page and see what we’re doing. That’s Lone Wolf – The Board Game. You know where to find us.

(A concluding note: some of you may have detected a subtle shift in the header image between the last post and this one. Some of you may know something has changed, but be unable to point to it with certainty. That’s okay. Some of you didn’t revise the borders on every single project image over and over again for several hours.)


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