Kickstarter soft launch – Fabled Lands: The Serpent King’s Domain

June 27, 2015

Fabled Lands: The Serpent King's Domain Kickstarter project image

Readers will have noticed by now that I post about Kickstarter on this blog. Among other things. But all that work with Megara Entertainment on Arcana Agency: The Thief of Memories, The Way of the Tiger, and Lone Wolf – The Board Game lends itself to posting. Among other things, they’ve consistently been my only posts with images.

So today we have presented the world with the “soft launch” of our imminent Kickstarter project, Fabled Lands: The Serpent King’s Domain. Yet again we are adapting and expanding a classic gamebook series, and this time it looks like I have the pleasure of working with the entire original team of authors and illustrators.

See this link:

As I wrote over there,

Fabled Lands is a gamebook series, that special sort of solo role-playing where you read a story paragraph, make a decision about what you would like the hero to do next, and turn to some other page to read the results. This series is the first in history to be non-linear: players proceed at will back and forth between books, and each book represents not a story but a region. The story is up to the player to tell.

You can strive to overcome villains and monsters, or spend the whole game as a merchant trader plying the seas. Ordinarily, this sort of description would mean an open-world videogame to tax your computer’s processors; but Fabled Lands is a BOOK ON PAPER.

This I think is noteworthy. It’s in much the same sense as that essay I wrote on gamebooks: playing these games, I found myself struck by the implementation of gaming principles I knew to exist in videogames. I felt the freedom of choice and consequence that comes from walking around an electronic overworld and entering the dungeons I wished. One might ask, then, why I’d play a print Fabled Lands gamebook when I could just play a videogame; I’d have multiple answers, but one, inevitably, would be that I’d play both. Why wouldn’t I want to play all “well-programmed” games? The medium doesn’t change the admiration.

As before, the purpose behind this whole post is to announce how I shall be busy come next month. In fact, I’ve been busy for quite some time.

Though it’s amusing to consider this further too. Just recently I attended the wedding of a friend from the Lesser Known Gods, hinted briefly in my about page and my writing samples page. In speaking with his gaming friends, I was given a new name for all my work on Kickstarter: producer.

Producer? Sounds like I need to look up a job description or two. But yes, I have spent months dividing tasks into logical groups, managing people, maintaining a focus on a goal or vision for a project, raising awareness and funds, and, in the end, writing a lot of reports. If that’s a management position of some sort, then I suppose that explains why I’ve been so busy. Especially when no one here actually reports to me.

But as stated it’s generally been a pleasure. I hope this gaming news is of interest, as with all the others.


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