A thought passed down through the ages

October 4, 2015

This blog is, ostensibly, to present online the writing and gaming musings of myself. As stated repeatedly, I possess spare material files on my computer where I get these ideas out of my head, and sometimes they provide also the inspiration for blog posts, like the lengthy four-parter lurking in that tag.

Once upon a time, I had a thought. It was prompted by one of my roommates. If it interests you enough to bring to greater fruition (such as in a tabletop gaming session), just ask me. I like to know where my children are.

My roommate saw online a discussion about warning future people that hazardous materials had been stored in a location. Given that the materials could remain hazardous for ages after the demise of all humanity, the warning would have to communicate to unknown civilizations with unknown standards.

One guess was to set massive durable metal spikes sticking at all angles out of the ground, hopefully communicating that nothing else should be built on the spot. Would this work? Who knew? Surely an entity could misunderstand anything. And then I started thinking . . .


What if we failed to understand the famous standing stones? Well, more than we already do. Imagine an ancient architect being transported to modern day, seeing the tourists pressing eagerly as close as they can, seeing the religious brethren performing ceremonies inside the rings, and recoiling in horror. “You fools! Horizontal repressing stones atop multiple uprising stones! What do you think we buried there?!”

I leave this thought with you.


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