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Richard S. Hetley
42 Maple St.
Bangoe, ME 04401


– Production, game design, editing, creative/technical writing
– Communication, customer service, teaching, “team peacekeeping”
– Psychological research, statistical analysis including SPSS
– Computer programming in Mathematica/Matlab/Java
– Windows/Mac OS, Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Outlook, Acrobat/Photoshop/Illustrator

Professional Experience (the “Long Version”)

Project Manager, Editor, Writer, Megara Entertainment (2010 – present)

– Edited Fabled Lands: The Serpent King’s Domain for Megara; raised €30,589 for the Kickstarter project to fund the game (print gamebook, 2015 – present).
– Edited Lone Wolf – The Board Game for Megara and Greywood Publishing; raised $36,000 for the Kickstarter project to fund the game (print board game, 2014 – 2015).
– Edited Autumn Snow: The Pit of Darkness for Megara (print gamebook, 2014 – 2015).
– Co-created Orb: The Role-Playing Game (pencil-and-paper RPG, 2013 – present).
– Edited print and electronic editions of The Way of the Tiger series for Megara and Fabled Lands LLP; raised $45,000 for Megara’s Kickstarter project to fund the collector’s edition (eBook and print gamebooks, 2013 – 2014).
– Edited Arcana Agency: The Thief of Memories; raised $21,680 for Megara’s Kickstarter project to fund the book (print gamebook, 2012 – 2013).
– Wrote the campaign for the Fabled Lands Role-Playing Game Core Rule Book and the Sokara: The War-Torn Kingdom source book during their translation into French (pencil-and-paper RPG, 2012).
– Wrote descriptive content for illustrations in Fabled Lands 1: The War-Torn Kingdom, Fabled Lands 2: Cities of Gold and Glory, and The Keep of the Lich-Lord during their adaptation to iOS format (iOS apps, 2011 – 2012).
– Wrote the foreword for Art of the Fabled Lands: Book 1 (print artbook, 2011).
– Wrote background and setting design of Lone Wolf Online for Megara’s predecessor (MMORPG, 2005).

Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California – Irvine (2008-2013)
Graduate Student, University of New Hampshire (2003-2008)

– Published vision science research and presented at ECVP and VSS annual meetings (see Writing Samples page or download Curriculum Vitae); designed, programmed, and ran psychological experiments; wrote lab and code documentation.

Instructor, University of New Hampshire (2005-2008)

– Received high student evaluations for teaching college-level courses; designed and taught psychology and statistics; wrote educational material (see Teaching Portfolio); performed student assessment.

Quality Assurance, Broken Saints (2004)

– Functioned as “official nitpicker,” editing the motion comic’s 12-hour script for DVD release.

Writer, Lesser Known Gods (1996 – 2000)

– Spearheaded the concept; collaborated with co-creators in Maine and California on characters and setting; contributed around 180,000 words in short stories published on our joint website.

Game Master, Roleplaying Games (birth – present)

– Created worlds; spawned monsters; devised rules; broke hearts. Ask me about it.


Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California, Irvine (2008 – 2013)
Ph.D. in Psychology, University of New Hampshire (2008)
M.S.T. (Teaching), University of New Hampshire (2008)
M.A. in Psychology, University of New Hampshire (2005)
B.A. in Psychology, University of Maine (2003)

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